Europe’s consumer technology VC

Deep specialization. Broad insights. Superior returns. We help founders turn insights and prototypes into the next generation of iconic consumer technology companies.

100% consumer tech

Our narrow specialization on consumer technology companies yields superior insights for our portfolio founders — and superior returns for our fund investors.

Consumer technology runs the gamut of consumer spend categories – from real estate and fintech to media & entertainment. Our thesis of investing in happiness can help you refine your purpose, vision and mission.

We've seen hundreds of companies take your journey over the years. And so we can help you integrate best practices, from customer acquisition and retention to building a superior organization and culture.

Pan European since 2007

Founded in 2007 in Denmark, today we have offices in Copenhagen, Berlin and Paris, as well as a presence in the US.

European by origin but global in outlook, our team covers 9 nationalities and speaks 10 languages. We've so far invested in over 85 founding teams from 12 countries. And we're looking for more.

While we invest all over Europe, our network spans the globe and we can help you find talent to expand internationally, work with the best local providers, and raise money from international investors.

Never too early

Because we are specialized in consumer technology, we are able to identify winning ideas and teams early. It's never "too early" to get in touch with us and begin to build a relationship.

Our investment focus spans the continuum of pre-seed to seed and Series A. Some of our favorite journeys with founders start at the idea and inception stage and run all the way to sustainable, profitable company and well-deserved liquidity.

As early investors we believe we can be fully aligned with founders, providing value well into growth and maturity stages of a business. In fact, many of our biggest companies have asked us to remain on the board for as long as possible.

Get in touch

If you’d like to talk to us about your company, the best way to reach us is via someone we mutually know. Alternatively, you can also reach us at team@heartcore.com.

Any other inquiries, please contact contact@heartcore.com

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