Investing in Happiness.

This motto guides the way we think about investing, how we select the companies we work with and how we operate as a company. This is fundamentally how we set ourselves apart from others in our industry.

We develop specific investment theses and areas of focus for each fund generation. In our current fund, we are focused on the following three pillars:

Empowering People

These are companies harnessing the power of technology to enable individuals to reach their full potential, whether at work, at home, or at play. They strive to unlock human potential by leveraging technology that helps overcome barriers, create opportunities, and promote human well-being.

Reimagining Work

These are companies that are redefining productivity in the workplace. They recognize that the future of work lies in harnessing technology to create collaborative and efficient environments that adapt to the evolving needs of individuals and organizations alike.

Protecting the Planet

These are companies using technology to create sustainable solutions that mitigate the impact of human activity on our ecosystems and pave the way for a better future. They embrace the belief that technology can be a powerful force for environmental stewardship, in particular in industries that require such an overhaul.

We invest in companies that empower us to live the lives we want to live. We are technology optimists. We believe technology is a powerful tool in our pursuit of happiness.

We focus our investments on two types of companies:

  • 1
    Companies that continue to leverage software and the internet to bring new categories online.
  • 2
    Companies that are building upon frontier technologies to redefine our future - from Web3 and the metaverse, to synthetic biology and space exploration.

Never too early. We invest from pre-seed to Series A. Our favorite journeys with founders have started at the idea stage and have run all the way to IPO - so it's never "too early" to get in touch with us.